The U.S. Supreme court defended a Christian prayer at the beginning of meetings of local authorities

 The U.S. Supreme court defended a Christian prayer at the beginning of meetings of local authoritiesRecently the U.S. Supreme court upheld the constitutionality of the opening practice of Christian prayer meetings of local authorities.Five judges voted for this decision, four against. According to most, the specific content of the prayers is of no importance, provided that they do not demean the religious beliefs of the Gentiles, and do not wear braziliskogo character.Remove from the prayers of references to Jesus Christ and other important figures of Christianity, indicates the majority, would have meant the transformation of people's deputies in censors.However, according to the minority, the permission to open meetings for local legislative bodies meetings with Christian prayers violate the constitutional principle of the equality of religions, which, in the words of one judge, "public institutions of America belong to the Buddhists and Hindus no less than the Methodists and Episcopalian".More than thirty years ago the Supreme court made a determination that prayer is part of the cultural tradition of America and in no way infringes on the 1st amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing freedom of religion. However, as stated by the minority, the old definition of the concerned state and Federal agencies, while at the meetings of local authorities, as a rule, are local residents, which requires respect for the rights of all faiths.cnlnews. . Читать полностью -->

Sobyanin: "Migrants are better to live in your country, we do not welcome their adaptation in Moscow

 Sobyanin: The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin believes that migrant workers from Central Asia should not permanently live in the Russian capital. In his opinion, if someone has to leave, primarily Russian-speaking, with adequate to our traditions culture. People who do not speak in Russian, they have totally different culture, it is better to live in their country. Therefore, we do not welcome their adaptation in Moscow, " the mayor said in an interview with the newspaper Moscow news.I believe that this is most likely seasonal workers who, having worked, they should go to their families, in their homes, in their countries, - said Sobyanin its position.In an interview with focus also on the possible establishment in Moscow, the national blocks. The mayor this idea is not supported. In world practice, tried to create ghettos, areas with monoculture. Читать полностью -->

Putin left the Kiev regime chance of recognition

 Putin left the Kiev regime chance of recognitionIn his message, Putin emphasized that Russia will never forget that Kiev was committed illegal and armed seizure of powerYury SelivanovUndeniable emotional and semantic culmination of the December message the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly of Russia was the topic of Ukraine. Yes, otherwise it could not be, because under the sign of the Ukrainian events went the entire current year.Two things in this part of his speech seemed most relevant. First, Vladimir Putin punctually and with utmost conscientiousness showed the falsity invented in the West and in Kiev justify the February coup as "just the reaction deceived in their best expectations of the people of Ukraine on the treacherous actions of Viktor Yanukovych, refused to sign in Vilnius agreement on the European integration. The President clearly stressed that "absolutely legitimate authorities of Ukraine", which is actually not abandoned, but only postponed the signing of this document as economically problematic for Ukraine, were not just legitimate, but also completely justified. That was subsequently confirmed by the actions of the current Kiev regime, which likewise has postponed the entry into force of the economic part of the agreement on the European integration until the end of 2015, and exactly for the same reasons — it is no longer economical.Thus, Putin has demonstrated a complete failure of speculation on the topic that Yanukovych took anti-Ukrainian policy, and Poroshenko is Pro-Ukrainian. In fact, their solutions in terms of European integration are almost identical. Читать полностью -->

The EU for the first time since the end of the cold war imposes sanctions against Russia

 The EU for the first time since the end of the cold war imposes sanctions against RussiaThe EU agreed on a package of sanctions against RussiaThe EU agreed on a package of sanctions against Russia. They are planned to be introduced in the event of failure of Moscow from changing its position against the new Ukrainian authorities and, in particular, from the course to the annexation of Crimea, which on the eve of German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time called annexation, reports Reuters.The document consists of seven pages. It provides for the introduction of visa and other restrictions, including the freezing of assets of persons which the EU considers responsible for violating the sovereignty of Ukraine.On Monday, March 17, draft sanctions will be considered at the meeting of foreign Ministers of member countries of the EU in Brussels. If approved, it will be the first sanctions imposed by the EU against Russia since the end of the cold war, the Agency said. Earlier, the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk claimed that sanctions 17 March and will come into force.Despite the agreement about the necessity of sanctions, and on their nature, the document is not yet finalized. He, in particular, contains a list of specific persons in respect of which the EU plans to impose restrictive measures. Читать полностью -->

"Happiness well, as much happiness — better" the motto was wrong

 Happiness makes people selfish, proved by scientistsScientists have experimentally proved that the state of happiness makes people selfish, absorbed in their own desires and inconsiderate to others, and believe that there is an optimal level of happiness for avoiding these negative consequences of finding happiness, the paper reported the researchers, accepted for publication in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.That is very surprising to hear an alternative point of view to the conventional belief that happiness in life is good and happiness is even better. A high level of happiness makes people open-minded and sociable, but it also makes them careless and reckless, commented on the study, Robert Cummings (Robert Cummins), a psychologist from the University of Deakin in Australia, editor of the journal of Happiness Studies, did not participate in the study, quoted by New Scientist.Study author Joe Vargas (Joe Forgas of the University of New South Wales in Australia, believes that the negative effects that happiness has on people, occur due to the ability of a good mood to make people feel safe. It causes people to pay more attention to themselves and ultimately to behave more selfishly and carelessly.People in positive mood tend to rely only on their own views and predispositions and pay very little attention to the outside world and its social norms, — commented on the work of its author.To prove it, Forgas and his colleague Hui Binh Thanh (Hui Bing Tan) conducted three different types of experiments.The first of these scientists made 45 volunteers feel satisfied or unhappy, let them pass a test of your wits and subsequently informing fake results. Certain by an additional test that the trick really affected the morale of the players, the scientists gave them ten lottery tickets with a maximum win of $ 20. Under the terms of the experiment, participants had the discretion to share the tickets with any of the students (in fact hypothetical), or leave all the tickets yourself, thus increasing your chances of winning.It was found that on average, students who received high scores in the false test your wits, left to ourselves most of the tickets, while those whose self-esteem was artificially low, were willingly ready to share.In the second experiment, the researchers manipulated the mood of 72 students with fragments cheerful or gloomy films. After that, the volunteers were shown a picture of a man with whom it was proposed to share the received lottery tickets. Читать полностью -->

The main goal is not even a Federation of Ukraine, and the collapse of its political and economic institutions

 The main goal is not even a Federation of Ukraine, and the collapse of its political and economic institutionsTo hold on until winterSvetlana Babayeva"Perhaps the goal of all that is happening in the South-East — the collapse of Ukraine", — said a source close to the project "new Russia". Only this can explain the tactics of Russia in the region.The Federation and the Confederation as the goal may be quite irrelevant, assume Russian political technologists. It is the same formulation, the time for it was gone. Current — to achieve complete collapse of the Ukrainian government institutions through a protracted military action, the systematic deterioration of the situation in the economy as a consequence of the downgrade of existing leaders and the erosion of their support.In this issue Russia winter can help.If to endure the conflict before the heating season, the Russian gas will be perhaps the key factor determining the fate of Poroshenko and possible coalition of his supporters in Parliament if elections on October 26 will still take place.Accordingly, it is possible to assume that Moscow will ensure that the elections were not held at all or to all the key figures of the Ukrainian scenes were discredited in the eyes of voters and have not received adequate support.In this scenario, Ukraine is a classic failed state (failed state), the Western part of which may go under the protectorate of the European Union in the face of Austria, Poland or Germany. The East and South will receive the protection of Russia, even with Abkhazia or Serbian Krinau, because to turn the region into the Russian Federation is now in the Kremlin's plans isn't one of them — a tall price. And Kiev remains himself, weak and not interesting.The version that Moscow is more interesting weak Kiev, not strong, sounds a long time. Читать полностью -->

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